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Global Voting Portal

The $HTM token allows its holders to take part in the governance and decide on the future of the entire Hatom Ecosystem.

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Looking for information? Our FAQ section may have what you need.


What is Hatom Governance?

Hatom has implemented an on-chain governance mechanism, which allows HTM token holders to vote for protocol changes directly on the blockchain. This system was designed to empower individual users and enhance their participation in deciding the future trajectory of the ecosystem. Proposals for protocol changes are presented to the community through polls to decide whether those changes will be implemented or not.

What do I need to vote?

To vote and participate in the governance process, you’d need to hold Hatom tokens as it defines your voting power. Token holders play a vital role in determining the protocol's future trajectory.

How do I vote?

The voting process is simple. You can do it in 3 steps:

  1. 1. Check the active proposal you want to vote on.
  2. 2. Connect your wallet and click on the Vote button.
  3. 3. Select the amount of HTM you want to use to vote and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Congratulations, you have successfully voted on the proposal!

Can I vote multiple times?

Yes, you can vote multiple times, but your HTM tokens can only be used to vote on a proposal once. For example, if you have 10,000 HTM in your wallet and use 6,000 HTM to vote on a proposal, you are still able to use the 4,000 HTM left in your wallet to perform additional votes on that proposal.

What is the Wallet Balance Engaged in Voting?

The Governance mechanism allows you to participate in defining the future of the Hatom Ecosystem using your HTM tokens. The amount of HTM you used to vote on a proposal will be locked during the voting period and is referred to as the Wallet Balance Engaged in Voting.

What is the Available to Redeem Balance?

The HTM tokens you used to vote on a proposal are locked on governance until the end of the voting period. The Available to Redeem Balance represents the amount of HTM tokens used for voting that you can claim at the end of the voting period.
It represents the amount of HTM tokens available for redemption or withdrawal at any given time. The Available to Redeem balance is an important factor to consider when you are seeking to redeem or withdraw your HTM, as it determines the maximum amount you can request.

What is an active proposal?

An active proposal refers to a proposal that has been submitted to be voted on by holders of the HTM token. A proposal remains active for a defined period of time in which holders of the HTM token are able to vote on whether or not the proposition should be implemented. No one can submit additional votes after the end of the voting period. If the majority of the votes are favorable, the proposal will be implemented; otherwise, it will be discarded.

What is a passed proposal?

A passed proposal is a proposal that has successfully gone through the governance process and has been approved by the voters. This means that the proposal has received a majority of votes that were favorable to the implementation of the change proposed.